What is Title IX

Play Fair: A Title IX Playbook for Victory

Even 36 years after the passage of Title IX, a federal law granting girls and women in high schools and colleges the right to equal opportunity in sports, female athletes across the national are placed at a disadvantage in comparison to their male counterparts. The more you know about the rights of girls and women in sports, the more you will be able to improve athletic opportunities for them.


This guide is aimed at helping individuals involved with sports ensure that all female athletes receive equal opportunities in high school and college athletics. Read explanations of Title IX’s rules and regulations and assess the level of gender equity in sports within your school’s athletic programs.


Title IX Media Helper

One of the goals of the Women’s Sports Foundation is to assist female athletes and women’s sports leaders in situations where they are asked to be spokespersons for women’s sports and physical activity. Here are quick answers to the most frequently asked media questions about Title IX.

NCWGE Coalition Report on Title IX

Has Title IX caused a decrease in participation opportunities for men? Is Title IX still needed? Should football be exempt from Title IX’s coverage? Are surveys an effective means of assessing compliance? Read on for answers to these questions and more than 50 more regarding the most frequently encountered issues surrounding Title IX.
Title IX Training Workshops

Does Title IX require equal funding for female and male sports? Can booster clubs purchase new uniforms and equipment for the football team but not other sports? Does Title IX permit a school to maintain a nicer baseball field than softball field? Get all the answers with the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Title IX Training Workshops. These new interactive workshops, designed for athletic directors, coaches, middle and high school teachers and college professors, bring the Foundation’s Title IX expertise directly to you.

Title IX Q & A
How is Title IX applied to athletics? Does Title IX require identical athletic programs for males and females? The most commonly asked questions about Title IX and athletics answered by former Women’s Sports Foundation Chief Executive Officer Donna Lopiano.

Title IX Myth-Fact

Has male athletic participation declined as a result of Title IX? Should football be taken out of the Title IX equation because women do not play football? Read on to learn the answers to these myths and other misconceptions surrounding Title IX.