Title IX

Understanding Title IX and Athletics 101

The enactment of Title IX has helped increase participation opportunities for girls and women in sports. Female high school athletic participation has increased by 904% and female collegiate athletic participation has increased by 456%.

The more you know about the rights of girls and women in sports, the more you will be able to improve athletic opportunities for them. However, understanding the complex language and regulations of Title IX can be confusing. The Women’s Sports Foundation breaks down Title IX and its specific requirements: participation, athletic financial assistance and the overall treatment of athletes.

Title IX Training Workshops

Does Title IX require equal funding for female and male sports? Can booster clubs purchase new uniforms and equipment for the football team but not other sports? Does Title IX permit a school to maintain a nicer baseball field than softball field? Get all the answers with the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Title IX Training Workshops. These new interactive workshops, designed for athletic directors, coaches, middle and high school teachers and college professors, bring the Foundation’s Title IX expertise directly to you.


Mythbusting: What Every Female Athlete Should Know!

Everyone has a dream, to be a rock star or to win an Olympic gold medal. For a long time women and young girls were limited in the opportunities to achieve success in many fields, including athletics. Learn the myths surrounding Title IX and get the straight facts on how this legislation continues to help young girls and women dream big.

2008 NCAA Gender Equity Manual

This manual was written with college and university administrators, general counsel, faculty athletics representatives, Title IX and equal opportunity officers, athletics administrators, staff, and student-athletes in mind. It is not intended to provide the lone standard by which an institution measures its compliance with Title IX or a formalistic blueprint for compliance with the NCAA-adopted principle of gender equity. Rather, it is hoped that this manual explains the law in a way that is accessible to those seeking to understand the law, to incorporate gender-equitable policies into existing athletics programs and to evaluate their implementation in a meaningful way.