The Women’s Sports Foundation Research & Policy Institute is a multidisciplinary network of specialists who seek to enhance the quality of girls’ and women’s experiences with sports and physical activity through evidence-based research and policy development. The Women’s Sports Foundation Research & Policy Institute:

  • Conducts sound, cutting-edge research on all facets of girls’ and women’s involvement in sports and physical activity.
  • Provides the most comprehensive, browser-friendly source of information and analysis of gender and sport on the World Wide Web for educators, journalists, coaches, athletic administrators, policymakers, parents and fans.
  • Creates a single-source gateway to publications, research reports, essays, position papers and policy statements.
  • Supplies online links to journals, research centers and policy organizations that focus on girls and women in sports.
  • Offer a forum for policy development and debate.
  • Pools together leading experts in a variety of subfields who meet periodically in order to share ideas, present scholarly papers and publish research studies and educational materials.