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ESPN to offer equal purses at all X Games events

ESPN has announced it will offer equal prize money to both male and female athletes at all X Games events, beginning at the Winter X Games in 2009. This decision comes after the addition of women’s motocross to the event schedule at X Games this past summer, and will coincide with the slew of female Olympians from many different countries set to compete at Winter X 2009. ESPN is dedicated to the promotion and programming of women’s athletics, and their eagerness to provide equitable awards is another illustration of that.

Purse Equity in Pro Sports

On the field, the court or in the water we are all equal. We compete against the best of our peers and all strive to finish first. So why then do some professional competitions that feature both women’s and men’s events award unequal purses to the top woman and man? The Women’s Sports Foundation has always stood by the position that professional male and female athletes should receive equal purses when they are participating in the same competition.


Regardless of whether some men’s and women’s events within the same sport differ in consumer popularity, when men and women compete in the same sport venue, such as Wimbledon or the national championship tours, there is no reason to justify paying male athletes higher prize awards. Read the Foundation’s position paper on purse equity in professional sports…

Athlete Organizations – Player Associations and Unions: The Foundation Position

The Women’s Sports Foundation is often asked about its position with regard to the need for players’ associations or collective bargaining unions in professional women’s sports. Read on for the Foundation’s stance on the development of such organizations and recognition of the functionality of such groups.