Mind the Gap: Women Still Underrepresented in High School Athletics

In 2007, more than 3 million girls participated in high school athletics. Though these numbers are astounding, female high school athletes are receiving 1.3 million fewer participation opportunities than boys at the high school level.

In this study that examines high school girls’ and boys’ varsity sports participation in the aggregate by state, no state is providing athletic opportunities to its female athletes in numbers that are proportionate to their enrollment in school. See where your state ranks!

Who’s Playing College Sports? 2007 Statistics

This study provides the most accurate and comprehensive examination of participation in men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletics. Use our online component to view participation information for all colleges and expenses.

Gender Equity in High School and College Athletics: Updated Participation & Budget Statistics

Get the most up-to-date statistics on high school and college participation rates and expenditures as well as a breakdown of budgets and resource allocation between male and female athletes in the NCAA.

Dropping Men’s Sports – The Division I Football/Basketball Arms Race is the Culprit in the Cutting of Men’s Olympic Sports: The Foundation Position


Contrary to common belief, Title IX has not caused the cutting of men’s Olympic sports, such as swimming, gymnastics and wrestling programs. The real culprit is the Division I football and basketball “Arms Race”…