Olympic Sports

Athletes’ Rights in Open Amateur Sport

“The more we can learn from past efforts to obtain fair and equal treatment, the more likely it is that we will continue to make progress. And if you can gain an understanding of your rights as an athlete, the path forward becomes much easier to navigate.” Former Women’s Sports Foundation President and Public Policy Officer Julie Foudy understood the importance of athletes understanding their rights based on her experiences with the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team.


Working with the Foundation, Foudy helped to create the Foundation’s educational guide, Athletes’ Rights in Open Amateur Sport. This report equips athletes competing in non-school sports with a guide to their legal rights. Read on for more Foudy’s journey as an athlete in her introductory letter and then dive into your rights in open amateur sports.


Women in Canoeing Want to Race


Women competing in sprint and slalom canoe are fighting for inclusion in the 2016 Olympic program, and WomenCAN, an international group of women and men dedicated to creating equal opportunities for women in Olympic canoe racing, is helping in that fight. Its mission is to inspire and enable young women to achieve equality and excellence in the Olympic disciplines of sprint and slalom canoe racing. Learn more about women in canoeing by reading Women in Canoeing, an article written by Pam Boteler, the President of USA WomenCAN. Boteler made history at the 2000 Canoe/Kayak National Championships by competing against men and winning a gold medal. Get the latest updates on sprint and slalom canoe.


Women Ski Jumpers Need Your Help


The Women’s Sports Foundation is assisting the women ski jumpers in their continuing struggle for inclusion in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Ski jumping, one of the original eight events held at the first Winter Games in Chamonix, France, in 1924, is the only Olympic winter event that does not allow female competitors. Do your part to help by signing the worldwide petition at www.wsj2010.com.

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BACK Softball Campaigns for 2016 Reinstatement


BACK Softball is stepping up to the plate, and its task force is actively promoting softball around the world. The goal of the campaign, initiated by the International Softball Federation, is to ensure that softball is reinstated for the 2016 Olympic Games.


Understanding the Amateur Sports Act


If Title IX applies only to educational institutions, what protections do athletes have in non-school sports? The Amateur Sports Act, amended in 1999, operates as the “Title IX” of open amateur sports. Read on to learn more about athletes rights to be free from discrimination based on race, gender or disability in non-school athletics.