Once Upon A Time Before Title IX

Long before Title IX was enacted, women were not allowed to play sports because of the notion that physical activity would damage their reproductive organs. However, the lack of school sports prior to Title IX did not deter women from participating in athletics. Many of today’s top-ranked female Masters athletes have spent their lives accidentally finding their athletic talent and have participated in sports ever since. Read more about today’s top-ranked female Masters athletes and the difficulties that they faced in athletics before Title IX was established.

Title IX Legislative Chronology
In 2008 we celebrate 36 years of Title IX. What has happened in the years since Title IX’s initial enactment? Read on to learn the legislative chronology of Title IX.

Women’s Pre-Title IX Sports History in the United States

When people think of women’s sporting experiences, most think of the plights of women in modern society. However, women have been experiencing hardships in athletics long before Title IX was enacted. Read more about women challenging gender barriers in athletics during the Colonial Era, the Nineteenth Century, the Modern Era and the 1960s.

How Title IX Helped Me

Do you know how it was before Title IX? These women do. In honor of the 36th anniversary of this milestone legislation, here’s what top female athletes had to say about how Title IX has changed their lives.