How to Ask Your Doctor for Weight Loss Pills?

Have any questions for your doctor regarding weight loss? Really, sometimes many patients want to slim down but are not sure which questions to ask their doctor. Are you one of them? If yes, let's define how to ask your doctor for the weight loss pills and what questions to ask. Ready?

First of all, don't be afraid to ask for anything. It's your health, which is very important to be in a good state. Secondly, sometimes being too shy might be dangerous, especially if we speak about health. So be courageous and schedule a meeting with the doctor.

But what questions to ask?

1. Could you please assess my weight?

First and foremost, the doctor has to assess whether your weight is healthy or not. For that, they are to measure the height and compare it with the weight, defining the BMI which is the body mass index. If it is 25 and more, it means that it's a must to struggle for the weight loss. Besides, the doctor is to measure the waist to define because there might be a risk for diabetes. To add more, the blood pressure should also be tested.

2. Is the number of sleep hours important?

Dr. Apovian says that the number of sleep hours is the third pillar of the weight loss. If you sleep less than 7 to 9 hours every day, a hunger hormone ghrelin is ramped up. What is more, the satiety hormone leptin is decreased. Sleeping less than needed will lead also to interference with impulse control. As a result, you might make the wrong food choices during a day and the portion sizes will be bigger than it is required. This information you should get to know from the doctor with clarification if needed.

3. How long should I utilize the weight loss supplements?

The number of time depends on the presence of some side effects and also the level of efficiency of the supplement. For instance, if you have lost some weight and have no side effects, your physician is likely to ask you to keep on using this medication. However, if you did not lose more than 5% of the initial weight and have some side effects, the doctor will ask you to end up using this supplement. The physician might also prescribe you some other medications to achieve the weight loss goals (weight loss shakes). Since obesity is considered to be a chronic condition, you may be advised to change your lifestyle. For instance, you may be suggested to increase the physical activity habits in order to improve your weight.

4. Could you clarify the plan of the weight loss for me?

Of course, it isn’t a case of five-minute talk, but still, the doctor has to tell you about some of the aspects of your slimming down. For example, you may ask whether the dose will change within some time or there are any restrictions on consuming the supplement. You should remember that it's you who are responsible most of all about the health, not the doctor, even if they are the experts. You should get as much information as possible concerning the particular case of reaching perfect weight. Therefore, being curious is not to be considered to be a drawback here.

All things considered, ask, just ask. No need to be afraid of making it clear. If you don't do it, you might literally undergo some risks for your health, especially if you have some health issues that do not allow you to consume the supplements. Consequently, being curious is not a sign of unfriendliness, but a feature of a responsible person who wants to live. Wish you be healthy.