Equity Issues

Are women of color receiving their fair share of the opportunities in intercollegiate athletics? Since the passage of Title IX, female college athletes of color have experienced a dramatic increase in NCAA sports participation opportunities. For female athletes of color, there was a 955% increase in participation opportunities between 1971 and 2000.

The Women’s Sports Foundation compiled NCAA data on athletic participation and graduation rates by gender and race, as well as United States Census Bureau statistics in order to evaluate the participation of athletes of color.

Victory! Maryland Blazes the Trail for Students with Disabilities

Every individual has the right to experience life to the fullest. Being physically active and participating in sports is not just a pastime, it is a stepping stone for building character, confidence and courage in all aspects of life. Students with disabilities have long been hindered from enjoying athletics as many schools across the nation do not guarantee physical education opportunities for them. On April 7, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Fitness and Athletics Equity for Students With Disabilities Act. The bill requires that schools ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunities to participate in physical education and athletic programs. Read more about this victory!

The Need to Address Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities in Sport
Individuals with disabilities are not getting the same amount of physical activity and athletic opportunities as individuals without disabilities. The Women’s Sports Foundation addresses the need to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities in sport participation.
Public Justice’s Threat of Lawsuit Prompts Indiana High Schools to Reverse Decision Preventing High School Girl From Playing Baseball

Heather Bauduin has spent most of her life playing baseball, but after moving to Indiana she found herself banned from trying out for her high school’s team. Aided by public interest law firm Public Justice and expert witnesses, such as former Foundation CEO Donna Lopiano, Bauduin appeared before the Indiana State High School Athletic Association. Trying to avoid further legal action, the IHSAA granted Bauduin permission to try out for the team. Read on for more of Heather’s story…

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